The True Cost of Hiring

Last week I took a continuing education class about the essentials of HR (fundamentals are the building blocks of fun, right?!). I had never taken an HR class and I absolutely loved it. One part of one day was about recruiting and the professor talked about the costs associated with hiring. He said it cost around $25,000 to recruit one new employee.

I thought that stat sounded insane. He talked about the time that people already working at the company would take to interview a new hire and the time spent on boarding that person after they were hired, etc.

I know that the time taken away from the current employee’s job could seem like a lot, but that’s already assuming that everyone is busy 24/7, every single second that they’re at their desk.

We all know this isn’t true. 

Computers have automated day-to-day tasks to the point where something that once took an hour now takes 5 minutes. Most people are only productive and engaged about 50% of the time, and the other times they’re eating or goofing off.  I mean, come on.

I know it’s called work, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t also be fun. At least sometimes. Your employees aren’t going to stick around very long if you run your office like an SS officer.

So, interviewing and hiring sucks. I get it. It’s a time suck, but what else are you doing? I’m sure you can spare the time. We all need to stop pretending to be constantly busy and take the downtown at work in stride and not beat ourselves up.

And stop overestimating how much hiring costs. The on boarding might cost some real cash-money, for sure, but bringing people into chat for a half hour with a few team members? I’m sure those team members are grateful for the chance to get the eff away from their desks.

Chill out, everyone! Chill.


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