When You Apply For a Job


I’m not entirely sure a kitten in a semi-Nazi uniform is appropriate, but I’m Jewish, so this absolves any thought of anti-semitism, right? Good.

It always baffles me when I read resumes and cover letters that have typos in them. And not just one – but many typos. I always think, “What? Didn’t someone do a once over on this application before submitting?” The answer is a resounding no. I’m also talking about incorrect grammar (ex. “everyone who met me say….”). Poor spelling. Little or no punctuation. And zero paragraph breaks (excuse me, how is my poor brain supposed to decipher your block of text?).

If you can’t take an extra two minutes to double check your work, you’re certainly not going to start being more mindful once you get hired. If you could coast in the application process, you’ll probably coast on the job. Is that me making an assumption? Possibly.

Then there are the people who can’t even be bothered to write a short cover letter. Again, if you can’t bother to cobble together 3 short paragraphs (a whole 9-12 sentences), you’re not someone I want to consider.

Maybe it’s because I’m a person who couldn’t imagine sending a resume to a company minus a cover letter, but unless it’s for a position such as an engineer, how you write can tell your hiring manager a lot about you and why would you give up that chance to tell the person who you’re asking for a job a little bit more about you?

I can tell you that I only take a good hard look at resumes if the cover letter is good. If there is no cover letter, I usually don’t look at the resumes. I can make a million assumptions about you based on your resume, but only your cover letter can tell me, in your words, what you’re excellent at and why I should hire you.


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